to all my people who can Quest like A Tribe does.

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he is to sexy

I’m lusting

*Swoons allll over the world* GODDAYUMMMMMMM 

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"Do The Right Thing" Heat Vs. Black People



For the past couple of days in CT, it’s been hot as soup. Hot as Bilal’s breath in the first “House Party.” Hot as Alicia Keys in the “Fire We Make” video. Hot as, well you get the picture. And for obvious reasons: summertime is upon us. The type of weather where dudes revoke their chicks “cuffing season” application after that first warm week hits (girls get their “cuffing season” application revoked everyday, b). It’s real as always. And while there will be an abundance of parties, mingling (until that cold weather kicks in again), cookouts, ratchet behavior, new memories and more ratchet behavior, the summer for the black community carries a perplexing vibe, depending on your area. I don’t know why, but it’s something about the sweltering, booming humidity that blacks as myself love and despise with a passion. It’s the perfect weather to ball in, and at the same time it’s the weather of choice for drama to set in. While we have great times under the sun, there’s a unsaid unfortunate understanding between us that we all realize when the heat comes:

"Niggas" are about to act up…

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